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Succession & Tax Planning for Business Owners

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With our Partners at Navigator Financial, we help business owners in formulating a strategy that both minimizes risk and maximizes corporate and personal financial security.

If you’re a small or medium sized business owner, a family business or a small private corporation, you’ll need to plan for the succession and continued success of the business in order to address the “what if” situations between principals and family members.


Too often entrepreneurs spend years building a business and come to an agreement with a business partner or family member over succession, but fail to make plans to finance the succession.  Growth is good, but you have to protect what you've built, and what you're building.  

We work with business owners who want to continue to grow their company while keeping their tax load as lean as they can. They want to make some wise choices with how they use the proceeds of their business, and also how they take care of group pensions, employee benefits, buy-sell and key person insurance.

No longer is friendly advice enough.  It takes a team of experts to build a solid plan to support your goals.

Proper succession and tax planing helps you:

  • Protect the legacy of your business

  • Maintain a service for your community

  • Reduce taxes

  • Build value for your business 

  • Provide financial security for your family and stakeholders

  • Deal with unexpected events (illness, accident or death)

  • Prepare for the future

Navigator Financial is a leading London-based firm that has been very successful in supporting elite performers in business (and sport) since 2004.

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